About us

Maaskant Reizen- SLB started as a public transport company 95 years ago. Back than in 1923 we had just 1 coach to transport local people to nearby towns. Trough the 30’s and 40’s recession and the Second World War slowed down the development of the company. During the 50’s and 60’s however Maaskant started to grow by taking on the challenges that were presented national and international travel was expanding every year and besides the coach company we developed our own Tour operator; coach-travel throughout Europe for groups and schools.

Business was really taking off during the 80’s and 90’s the tour operating-side of Maaskant is now a respectable player in the Dutch market, providing 25.000 people with their holiday or excursion, offering a diversity of products ranging from coach- excursions and roundtrips and fly/coach combinations. These trips are sold trough our internet site and travel agents in the Netherlands(mainly), Belgium and Germany. Our team consists of 45 enthusiastic and professional colleagues!


Coach Rental, solid and safe!

Every coach company in the Netherlands can provide you with a good coach, but there are few that can provide you with driver/guides that know the whole of Europe! Due to our experience as a tour operator our driver/guides literally know Europe from Ireland to Romania and from the North cape to Andalusia!

ISO-9001 Safe
Safety and Quality standards are upheld thanks to a regular programme of checks. This programme is carried out jointly with several independent public and private sector organizations. These include the Dutch National Vehicle Inspectorate, the Dutch National Road Traffic Service, the Independant Training Working Party, and the insurance community. Proof of employees' professional qualifications (legally required papers, appropriate trade diplomas and any additional qualifications required). Customer-friendliness is paramount for passenger attendants.  Demonstrable safety and comfort of vehicles. Regular Technical audits by the National Road Traffic Service ensure the expert maintenance of coaches. Investment in safety is a priority and a coach is a quality product par excellence. Read more about our ISO-9001 certificate

Coach Rental, flexible and extremely competitive!

Call us today and we have a coach running for you tomorrow, or even the same day! That’s how flexible we are! Our planning staff is working around the clock to keep our (future) customers happy!

Extremely competitive
Get in touch and test us! Our business is all about people understanding each other! Let us know your needs and we will make you an offer you can’t refuse!