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Every coach company in the Netherlands can provide you with a good coach, but there are few that can provide you with driver /guides that know the whole of Europe! Due to our experience as a tour operator our driver/guides literally know Europe from Ireland to Romania and from the North cape to Andalusia!

Call us today and we have a coach running for you tomorrow, or even the same day! That’s how flexible we are! Our planning staff is working around the clock to keep our (future) customers happy!

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Coach Hire Maaskant Travel

Maaskant Reizen-started as a public transport company 95 years ago. Back than in 1923 we had just 1 coach to transport local people to nearby towns. SLB is now a respectable player in the European market, providing 25.000 people with their holiday or excursion, offering a diversity of products ranging from coach- excursions and roundtrips and fly/coach combinations.

  • Low Rates
  • 24 Hours , 7 Days a Week
  • Safe and modern Coaches
  • Professional Drivers/Guides